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Chronicle 2023

Open Monument Day

Säben Monastery

of the Klausen Cultural Property Association

on March 26, 2023


Because of the secluded life of the religious community, Säben Monastery has always had a mysterious impression. 
It has now been empty for a year and a half. Bevo
In order for it to be given a new purpose, the Klausen Cultural Heritage Association has invited people to visit the rooms that were used during the Klwere not accessible to the general public at Easter.


The cultural heritage association attached particular importance to treating this historically significant place with its over three centuries of monastery and women's history with due respect and also paid attention to this with all visitors.



by Eva Gratl

May 9, 2023

"If Art that excites people and turns people into vandals.”

This year, 2023, marks the 90th anniversary of the book burning on Berlin's Opera Square

(May 10, 1933, today Bebelplatz).

This date serves as an opportunity to reflect on the value of culture and cultural treasures and to show how history is full of terrible examples of their destruction.  

Bombs destroy culture in order to hit the opponent's self-confidence: the daily headlines underline the topicality of the topic. Not yesterday, but today, works of art, cultural sites, museums are being looted, damaged and wiped out.  Destroyed art means lost art, the list is long, the topic is depressing and painful. Vandalism and iconoclasm don't just belong to bygone eras. Using a few selected examples, we will show when, where, how and why art excites people, it also turns people into vandals and history is full of terrible examples of vandalism and iconoclasm.


Annual general meeting

with elections

April 22, 2023

with lecture by Prof. Andreas Conca

"Where to culture?

A contribution to their indispensability."


Commemoration: The Tinne Bridge in Klausen turns 100 years old

The restoration of the stone relief was by onecommissioned by interested citizens of Klausen

Event on September 30th: Christoph Gasser spoke about the history, musical accompaniment of an ensemble from the youth band 


Restoration of the Mount of Olives scene


restoration of the relief is planned for 2024

Benefit concert  in the parish church on September 30th

Magdalena Lang

Verena Gamper

Mirjam Gamper

Otto Chizzali

DThe sculpture shows Jesus on the Mount of Olives, the angel giving him a cuph holds out and the sleeping disciples. In the background, Jerusalem stretches out under a cloudy sky. Judas and his henchmen enter the gate.
The masterly
Relief was made around 1600 by an unknown artist. Stylistically it belongs to the late Gothic period.

Visit: freely accessible, the wooden sculpture is on the outside of the parish church to the right of the side portal

Anker 3

Chronicle 2022

AGM of the KGV

with lecture by Rut Bernardi

on April 30, 2022

Jevun y la Ladinia / Säben und Ladinia


Rut Bernardi tries to find legendary and historical Romanesque roots and Ladin traces in Klausen. These include sources and anecdotes about King Arostages and his daughter Larthia, the Rë de Sabiona, as well as Romanesque graves on Säben and Ladin toponyms.

Stories about the Graubünden Anabaptist Jörg Cajakob, the Val Gardena district judge Josef David Insam in Gufidaun, Ladin monastery women and the Val Badia pilgrims also fit into this topic.


concert​ on 06/06/2022

at 7 p.m. in the Knappensaal Klausen

Airy heights (vento) and soft string sounds (archi) create a special musical event. The ark stands for the starting point of a constantly changing meeting of wind instruments and strings. A special kind of sound laboratory whose name stands for itself. 

Andrea Mairhofer           Flute

Verena Gamper              Violin

Sylvia Lanz                       Viola

Roland Mitterer               Cello


Visit with a guide

Cold trenches

Visit with a guide( September 2022)


Built 108 years ago to withstand the enemy, the Tels trenches now have to stand up to nature. The ditches, corridors and arrow slits hewn into the hill are silent witnesses that survived two wars. A working group is researching the Teiser weir system in order to make history tangible - and understandable. 

Anker 2



am October 25, 2022

Elisabeth Klotz-Pauer


 "Arthur von Wallpach. Poetry between homeland and hustle and bustle"

Arthur von Wallpach (1866 – 1946), a businessman in Innsbruck, bought Anger Castle in Klausen in 1894 and redesigned the neglected property. In the years that followed, Anger became a meeting place for artist friends and   a center of anti-clerical tendencies.

Biographical notes, also based on poems


The historical background

and the pan-German movement around Georg  Ritter von Schönerer, Neu-Heidentum, pantheism, the "Los von Rom" movement and the Kulturkampf in Tyrol are explained -  plus examples of poems


Critical reflections on dealing with the understanding of home andnd a brief overview of the literary work (also an excursus on the Hetz poems in the magazine "Der Scherer")

Arthur von Wallpach.jpg

Chronik 2021

book launch

A.Scheidle – A Tyrolean entrepreneurial family in the textile industry

November 29, 2022

Presenter: Gerd Staffler

Interview partners: the author Arthur Scheidle and the former mayor of the municipality of Brixen Zeno Giacomuzzi

Content overview:

  • Lechtal roots

  •  From the Lech Valley to the Burggrafenamt

  • Focus on the textile industry

  • Textile sector in transition

In addition to the family and company biography, the work also deals with part of the city's history.

Buch Vorderseite 11.22.jpg
Anker 1

concert & reading

concert ones Ensembles of the Klausen youth band

with a reading by the dialect poet Anna Steinacher

in December 2022




Chronicle 2021

Music Festival  

on August 20th and 21st, 2021

Project as a master's thesis in instrumental and vocal pedagogy

by Jasmin Vorhauser 


"Klausen sounds"

Concerts planned in Klausen and in the churches of Säben


Speech​ on September 7, 2021

John Ortner

"Origin and meaning of place, farm and field names in Klausen and surroundings (Verdings, Pardell, Latzfons, Griesbruck, Gufidaun, Villanders, Lajen)

Porträt Johannes Farbe (2).jpg

Speech​ on September 23, 2021

Oswald Mederle

"Defenses in and around Chiusa"


Between 1833 and 1915 a whole series of considerations were made in Vienna for the defense of the central Eisack valley. Especially the wayside cross towards Brenner or Pustertal had to be defended much better after the painful experiences of 1809. 

First it was the fortified town of Brixen, then the massive Klausen-Villnöss field barrier and finally the trenches from Verdings to Gufidaun and Teis.


If desired and if there is still time, he will comment on the Standschützen Battalion Klausen and show some news.

Speech​ on October 07, 2021


Alexander Pramstraller


Director in the Office for Civil Protection of the Autonomous Province of Bozen South Tyrol


"Flood Chiusa"

The lecture will be a synopsis in which both forestry and geological aspects will be addressed. The torrent control work will be carried out by Dr. Bring in Pramstraller on the basis of the applicable hazard zone plan and the interventions in the past and he will conclude the presentation with an appeal that is directed towards the future.


advent magic

in the Advent season 2021


 "Advent Magic" is a project of the youth band in cooperation with the KGV Klausen and BA Klausen. Small ensembles of young musicians play at historic locations in Chiusa.

The videos were published in the run-up to Christmas 2021


Chronicle 2020


"Do you know the city of Chiusa?"

Leaflet with 20 questions on the following main topics: Klausen, Klausner history and cultural treasures, immaterial cultural assets (dialect), technical cultural assets.


The interest of the population for Klausner's history and their stories should be awakened,  made aware of the cultural treasures and the special features of the city.

The awareness of living in a city with an interesting history should be strengthened.

bound inserts  in the July issue of theclausa

Period: September 2020

The awarding and presentation of the prizes will take place at the end of September 2020 in the  as part of a closing event with experts.



The British Library and medieval documents from the Isarco Valley

dr Hannes Obermair

Wednesday February 26, 2020 at 7.30 p.m. in the Walther Hall

The British Library in London, one of the largest and most important libraries in the world, also keeps some South Tyrolean documents from the late Middle Ages (13th century) among its almost inexhaustible holdings. They come from the Eisacktal area and made their way to the United Kingdom via winding paths in the 19th century. The lecture presents the finds and also goes into the cultural-historical interesting phenomenon of the old European dualism of traditional notes (or seal documents) and notarial deeds, which used to meet abruptly in the Klausen border area between the diocese of Trent and Brixen.


The speaker is Hannes Obermair from Bozen, senior researcher at the European Academy there, historian and exhibition curator.

Inspection after renovation

Gasthaus Vogelweide with neighboring building 

Zoppoltsche's house - the early knife house

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Guided tours from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m

Chronicle 2019

Guided day trip

to the monastery Marienberg  and St. Jakob in Söles


mit Dr. needy

on Saturday May 25, 2019




String wind ensemble

Jasmin Vorhauser, Matthäus Pescoller, Georg Zopf, Desiree Wöhrer, Marlene Olbricht


in the parish church of Klausen on August 03, 2019

-------------------------------------------------- ----


Classic trio

Barbara Pasquazzo, Ester Carturan, Helmuth Erlacher

in the Knappensaal Seebegg on September 28, 2019

-------------------------------------------------- ----


bright spots

Magdalena Lang, Verena Gamper, and Eva Vinatzer

in the Knappensaal Seebegg on November 2, 2019

film premiere

"Hans Piffrader and the right to obey - A relief over time"


Friday, April 5, 2019 at 8 p.m. in the Dürersaal


​ Thoughts on the film and on the artist personality Hans Piffrader by Martina Genetti, designer at Mediaart


​Lecture on "The Lonely Pietà" by Dr. Matthew Frei

Lecture at the AGM

The Hutterites


by Robert Hochgruber


Saturday March 9, 2019

Chronicle 2018

Open Monument Day

Castle Bronzolo

​September 2018


Lauren Quartet

Verena Gamper, Barbara Mutschlechner, Sylvia Lanz, and Roland Mitterer

April 2018, Knappensaal Chiusa



Gaudium vocal ensemble,

Saxophone quintet Klausen and Eva Vinatzer

September 2018, Church of Our Lady Säben


"Men from the lower Isarco Valley in the Abyssinian War"

by Hofer Franz

May 2018

cultural trip


Drive to the works of the artist

Hans Rabensteiner

with Maria Hölzl Stifter and Sepp Krismer

June 2018

Diploma thesis 


by Jeremy Lentner

about the Jenner family

Your relationship and work in the city



Chronicle 2017

Open Monument Day

Former Capuchin monastery Klausen, Capuchin church, Loreto church and hermitage


September 2017

Memorial stones against forgetting 

Josef Gamper, Latzfons

Walter Parigger, Chiusa

May 2017


Magdalena Lang,

Othmar Trenner and Mirjam Gamper

August 2017, Apostelkirche Klausen



Delected sensus varietas

Jasmin Vorhauser, Desiree Wöhrer, Marlene Olbricht, Matthäus Pescoller, Bernhard Patti

August 2017, parish church Chiusa


Hans Rabensteiner - A painter from the turn of the century

by Maria Hölzl Stifter

November 2017

Chronicle 2016

Open Monument Day

on Gravetsch, Villanders, Visit of the chapels, cellar, the knight's hall and much more, September 2016

Concerts 2016

Vocal ensemble Bozen, January 2016, parish church Chiusa

Nous Quartet, Apostle Church Klausen, Aug 2016

annual general meeting

Referat by Sepp Krismer on the mythological frescoes in the Knappensaal, March 2016


Unveiling of the commemorative plaque in memory of Heiner Gschwendt, at the Säbener Aufgang, March 2016

book presentation

The excavations in the late antique, early medieval bishopric of Sabiona - Säben in South Tyrol, February 2016

Chronicle 2015


The Jenners -

A successful Klausner gender with Sepp Krismer, July 2015

city tour

Night watchmen and cobblestones - everyday life in medieval Klausen with Markus Trocker, August 2015

Open Monument Day

on the Coburg in Gufidaun, August 2015

leadership and lecture

The old Val Gardena railway and the technology at the station with Michael Prader, September 2015


The Klausner artist colony with Christoph Gasser, October 2015

Cultural trip to Rovereto

to cultural sites with Sepp Krismer, May 2015


Looking over the shoulder of the historian with Christoph Gasser, April 2015

Chronicle 2014


The economic importance of mining in Chiusa through the centuries with Armin Torggler, November 2015


The restored houses in the lower town of Klausen (Säben staircase 2 "Haus am Bozner Tor" and Unterstadt 5), October 2014

Open Monument Day

Ansitz Lusenegg, You can visit the inner courtyard, the cellar, the Gothic and Renaissance rooms, Sep 2014

cultural trip

around the Brenta - Dolomiten with Sepp Krismer, June 2014

Chronicle 2013


Martina Stifter, Christine Marsoner, Georg Hasler, Martin Senfter, Ulrike Ellemunter and Tamara Salcher, August 2013


Klausner personalities - a small selection of known and unknown people by Christoph Gasser, 2013


The excavations on Säben from Dr. Hans Nothdurfter, 2013

Chronicle 2012

Open Monument Day

at Summersberg Castle, Gufidaun, Sep 2012


Presentation of the Project​ des KGV:_cc781905-5d-8d-8d-8d-5cfde-3bbbde-319QR codes, June 2012


Brass Vocal Ensemble, July 2012

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